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28 days later speed training

Hello friends. Decided that I was going to write up the training techniques that I talk about in the podcast. As we know no one wants to have to run from the 28 days later zombies but we might have to so here is some training techniques you can incorporate into your training. First things first have a good base of running. You can do walk/runs also with these techniques.

1. Fartlek training. Some people like to do timed fartleks, but fartleks actually means speed play in Swedish. Simply put you just pick a landmark and run faster towards it. So warm up for 10 mins pick a mailbox or a tree and run fast towards it, to recover jog slower then pick another landmark.

2. Hill training. Warm-up for 10 mins, get to an incline and run uphill for maybe 30 secs, then quickly walk down, repeat for 4-10 times, then cool down for 10 mins.

These can be done once a week to help increase your pace. Long runs should be easy and you shouldn’t be huffing through it, these workouts are going to burn but if you’re consistent you will get faster.

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