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Black Ice

It got cold, but first, it rained a lot so I had to switch my workout days around. I feel like this messes with people, it use to with me. If my perfect plan didn’t go the way I wanted I would feel like a failure and self-sabotage by ordering out or having a midweek drink. So yesterday it was pouring and thundering so there was no way I was running. Then it started to snow…. here comes the climate wars!! So instead, I did weights, which is the simplest routine ever, it can hardly be seen as anything but ok-ishh. Then I wake up today and it’s 21 degrees and icy. Cold sucks to run in but it makes you a better runner, but ice can kind of I don’t know, break your leg maybe so I will be doing a 30 min run on my lunch hour which I will hate but I will do.

I like running in the morning, it gets it out the way. I can’t give you that “it sets the tone for the day” crap. The real reason I run in the morning is that I get lazier and lazier as the day progress. I can hear the couch calling me, I can feel my shows pulling me to the TV and I simply want to spend time with the wife. So, like don’t beat yourself up, do what you can it’s not like you’re sponsored by Nike or Luna sandals. Hey, Luna sandals want to sponsor me…..

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