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Le gimpy leg...

So, my leg is still gimpy, it’s much better but still an issue. I have a half marathon scheduled for the end of March that I am going to do come hell or high water. I will also be taking a complete 2-week break after the race to focus on cross-training and rehabbing this leg. In the hopes of saving someone’s leg and keeping them from hurting themselves, I wanted to include the stretching\yoga routine I have been doing. I do this 6 days a week before I run or get on the spin bike. I grabbed this off another website called, there is a lot of info there and on the page, this is found they have mini-YouTube clips if you need some extra explanation.

I started very slow with these, I am notoriously not flexible and because of the MS, I don’t have great balance. I set a timer on my interval trainer for 15 secs to start, then when it beeped, I went to the next pose. Once I got the feel for how long I was stretching I increased the time to 30 secs, then I started counting my controlled breaths. I did this so eventually; I didn’t have to use the timer.

A lot of runners have IT band issues, knee issues, or just issues, don’t we all? A lot of these come from not stretching, having the wrong type of footwear, and not warming up. I’ve also added 5-10 mins of just walking before starting my run, while that’s a pain in the ass because I don’t have all day to train, I still have a job and home to take care of, it has been very helpful to warm up my body. LISTEN TO ME…WARM-UP!!

There is nothing besides having a terrible illness or something traumatic happening that will sideline you than having an injury you could have prevented. You feel dumb and hopeless because you think you will never run again. You will you just have to go about it correctly. Stretch, warm-up, cool down, foam roll, and above all listen to your body. About to get ready for an 8-mile run today, pray for me, and go check out that page! Stay ok friends.

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