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Morning Routine

I am a morning runner; I am not a morning person. I am really not an any part of the day person unless I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. But as you have seen before I get lazier throughout the day so morning routine it is.

My wife lovingly pats me on the head and brings me coffee in bed, this is because if I was woken up abruptly, I might start swinging. I am a light sleeper and a scared sleeper. Safe to say people don’t play practical jokes on me. I don’t even open my eyes, I do my morning prayer (I am Jewish), head to the bathroom do the thing, use mouthwash, and crawl back to my coffee. While I am drinking, I check my Oura ring stats to see how I slept and recovered. Then I check the weather to see if I am actually running this morning.

If I am running, I finish my coffee, brush my teeth, and start to putz around the house to get ready. All my clothes are laid out from the day before. I grab my emotional support water bottle, fill it and try to finish half a bottle while I am getting ready. I always put on my toe socks first, if it’s cold enough for socks. You need toe socks; trust me I use to think it was weird but it’ll save your feet, I put the link so you can take a look, and if you buy from that link, I can buy more toe socks! My routine also is looking outside numerous times to curse the dark and check the weather a lot. I also use a comfee cooker, to make breakfast so I throw my oats and whatever else I want in there before I go. That’s really nice when it’s freezing out and your run takes a lot out of you.

Then it’s just getting dressed and heading out. I can be out the door by 645 am but somedays that doesn’t happen and I don’t get pissy about it, cause it’s really about doing a little bit of something every day that changes you. So is it nice to get the workout done with, sure, will I bitch a little if I have to run on my lunch break, yes. Will I let it ruin my whole day or life no. It is just running, it’s fun or if no one told you, it’s supposed to be.

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