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Welp weight gain

So, I did a thing…, I got on the scale. I stopped weighing myself because I got obsessive but my clothes weren’t fitting right. I also just finished reading a book about racing weight and decided if I wanted to implement this way of eating, I needed to know where I am at and what feels good as a running weight. I will be doing a review of the book very soon.

I decided to weigh myself every day for a week to get my average weight. I have put on about 40 pounds during this pandemic. I feel like a lot of people did, I attribute it to stress and not having access to the gym but also I really could have made better choices. What goes in my body is up to me. I decided to download my fitness pal again and began measuring my food. I didn’t realize how much that would trigger me, so I make sure I check in with my wife when I feel like I am getting weird about it. I also have no desire to starve myself. I am trying to keep my focus on my nutrition because that is what will help my running.

This pandemic has affected everyone ad how I deal with that is up to me. Can I be the healthiest version of me with all my issues and still be emotionally, ok? I don’t know but I am going to try.

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