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Why I don’t meal prep anymore….

I use to meal prep like it was my job. After you lose a lot of weight you get obsessed, you think every little morsel will send you right back to where you started. Plus, I had a lot of fear of failing, so many people looked up to me for turning my life around but would they be around if I wasn’t rail-thin? Fear is a bitch. So, I weighed and measured, which made little to no sense after years of weighing and measuring I could tell you the calorie count of any plate of food like some kind of rain man of calories.

Then the pandemic hit, and life seemed way too complex to have to portion out everything, did that lead to some weight game, sure, do I care much? No, I don’t, when I was a low carber my legs always had cramps, did I look great, yeah but I felt like crap especially at night, I could barely sleep. Now some people will say just take a supplement but I don’t like any diet that I have to supplement what I should be getting from food.

What I do now is simple, on Mondays, I make a big pot of rice, Monday night I soak beans for the week, Tuesday I cook the beans, I keep enough fruit and veg to mix up something, the only thing I do measure is carbs. If I want a soda, we get a soda to share but we don't keep any in the house. Do I eat candy and sweets? Sure but I really believe in the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the time eat well, twenty percent do what you want within reason.

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