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But did you die?

So here I am, feeling pretty great, losing weight and decided to run a 5k. I had no idea what I was doing, so what do we do??? To the internet!! Do you have any idea how much shit is in the internet? I miss the days of going to a library, reading a few books and feeling like I know something, now I just feel like I took meth and LSD while chasing a squirrel to learn how to run.

To be honest I don’t remember what plan I used probably Hal Higdon and I bought a second-hand treadmill. That was my first mistake, not the purchase, I lived at the time in a cold climate and there would be days I couldn’t run outside but it was relying on it for the majority of my runs. I had no idea this was a shit idea. Second mistake, no strength training, I didn’t think of runners hitting the weights, I just envisioned Kenyan runners all skinny just running all the time being their best selves.

So 5k day comes up, its downtown in Wilkes barre pa, a cancer run in think through one of the local universities. Third mistake, no incline training, I just ran on treadmill and flat roads, so any hill turned into Mt Everest! Fourth mistake, the second the horn blasted I started running like someone had a plate of wings waiting for me, by 5 mins I thought I was gonna die. So, know I would do run then walk no real time to it, just run till it sucked then trudge forward, I say trudge because there is no one that would call what I was doing walking.

It took me like 58 mins to “run” this 5k. Surprisingly, even though I thought it was bullshit the whole time and I was about to die, I was really happy with myself. Like shit guys I did a thing, a thing I said wasn’t for me, that I couldn’t do and here I was doing the thing. I did get wings and started looking for the next race and this is where the story gets weird but worth everything I ever did.

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