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Shane shot Otis!!

So I am a huge fan of zombie movies, so when walking dead came out I was about it. So picture this, I am sitting on my couch, overweight, out of breath just sitting, watching people fight off the undead and each other, when the totally plausable thing happens. Shane shoots Otis in the leg so he can get away. I sat there, dumbfounded, not because I cared deeply for the character of Otis but because I realzed, shit I was Otis!!

Now dont get it twisted, I am handy, I hunt, I was an EMT, dammit I AM OTIS! How was I going to survive any apocalypse if I get out of breath going pee and had constant swollen ankles? I wasnt going to and that was that, I knew I had to change but how? I have aways been big, save for in the womb till about 5 when I got put on anti seizure meds and discovered my guilt laden mom would give me snickers rather than broccoli.

So I do what any other modern human the internet!! I looked through many diets, back in the day I did Atkins and thought maybe but I like bread. I didnt want to be too restictive so i started looking up diets from the 1940s amd 50s, because people were alot fitter but still had booze. But first i would just weigh and measure my food, so i did. Then i got a free cheapo pedometer, the kind you clip on you, i may have gotten it from like CVS or somewhere. I discovered I barely walked 2000 steps a day. So little by little i walked more and more a day, till 10000 steps was a daily thing and crazy the weight came off little by little. Next post we talk Rationing!

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