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Stupid Snow...

I don’t live in a tropical paradise; I also don’t live anywhere where the winters are exceptionally harsh but bad weather can get in the way. I am currently training for a half marathon in March. In North Carolina, March could mean 70 degrees or below freezing. Winters in North Carolina are emotionally abusive. I am supposed to do a 5-mile run on Sunday, we are expecting snow, and in the south that equates to complete bedlam. Also, most snow turns to freezing rain, thankfully usually it is gone in a day. But when you are trying to be consistent with your training in a pandemic, bad weather can be a real bitch.

So today I am switching my long run to after work. It will be 5 miles after work, which will be warmer but I will be lazier. It is perfectly ok to skip a run or move days around, no one has sponsored this ok runner so I do what I want! What happens when things don’t go your way? Just be nicer to yourself and do your best, you only have yourself in the end. Stay safe!

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